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Accessible Seating Guide

For more information regarding Accessible seating, click on the blue sections in the map below.


The above map shows the accessible seating for guests with disabilities at Pechanga Arena San Diego (PASD). Feel free to click on each section to see the layout of the accessible seating.

Guests requesting information about Wheelchair or Limited Mobility seating may contact the Pechanga Arena San Diego Box Office in person or by phone at (619) 224-4171, ext. 322. The Accessible phone line is staffed during normal box office hours Monday – Friday 11am-5:30pm. The Box Office remains open through show start time and will open at 1pm for events on Saturday or Sunday. Window #2 is Wheelchair Accessible and is open during all hours of Box Office operation.



Accessible/disabled seating is available through pechangaarenasd.com and the Pechanga Arena San Diego Box Office. When ordering accessible tickets, it is important to indicate that you require accessible seating so we can properly seat you.

  • By Phone – AXS: (888) 929-7849 and request accessible tickets
  • Online – Visit pechangaarenasd.com …find your event, then click on purchase tickets (you will be redirected to AXS.com to purchase your tickets), then click on “Accessible Tickets”.
  • In Person – Visit the Pechanga Arena San Diego Box Office located at 3500 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110 and request accessible tickets.
      • Box Office Hours
        Monday – Friday: 11:00 am to 5:30 pm
        Saturday & Sunday: Closed**If there is an event at PASD on Saturday or Sunday, the Box Office will open at 1pm for that evenings event only and close ½ hour after start of event.


Wheelchair seating is available in several price ranges, Subject to Availability.

It is recommended that guests purchase one (1) Wheelchair and one (1) Companion ticket in Row 9 of the specified loge sections for the event and the price level requested. Additional tickets (no more than (2) two) may be purchased in row 8, directly in front of Row 9. Due to space limitations, any additional seats requested will be sold on a best available basis.

Guests using wheelchairs who have floor tickets for an event may enter the Center through the back ramp, located at the northeast corner of the venue.  Guests should check in at the North Entrance prior to proceeding down the back ramp, A Guest Services Representative will be available to provide assistance up and down the back ramp.


Limited mobility seating is for able-bodied guests who may have difficulty using stairs or require some other accommodations.  Seating is available in the last two row of the Loge Level, Subject to Availability. Any additional seats requested will be on a best available basis.


Seats are not held specifically for the visually-impaired. Guests concerned that they may have difficulty seeing the event should plan to purchase tickets as far in advance as possible. A guest who requests seating for the  Visually-Impaired may be accommodated in Limited Mobility Seating.


Pechanga Arena San Diego is not equipped with elevators or escalators. Guests who have floor tickets and are using a wheelchair can call the Box Office or visit Guest Services and request assistance.